Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alles gute zum Gerburtstag!

I will continue to catch up with you all now by recounting the events of the 23rd of September! Turning twenty in Salzburg made it quite a unique and splendid birthday! It got off to a wonderful start by my host parents giving me a sachertorte for breakfast, with a massive sparkler shooting out of it, and then they sang to me, and it was all extremely sweet (no pun intended) of them. The cake had an apricot jelly between the two layers and a chocolate glaze-delicious! Of course, I ate a normal and healthy breakfast before having a slice of yummy cake.

Not to be out done in the ways of cakes by my host family, Brigitte, our delightful chef at school, presented me and my lucky table mates with another cake, this time after having everyone attempt to sing to me in German, which was kind of a failure, but fun all the same. This cake had like three different layers and like twelve different glazes and jelly and whipped cream all over it-it was an insane, sugary confection. Everyone swarmed around our little table to have a piece of it before German class, but I was successful in having a piece or two myself before it was devoured. I love Brigitte.

After a busy afternoon spent calling my lovely parents and chatting with friends online, I raced back to school for cooking class in the evening. This time around, we started off with a traditional Salzburg souffle, called "Salzburger Nockerln". You make three little puffs (which represent the city hills surrounding Salzburg), and it is quite light and tasty. Then, I set about creating the vegetarian entree for the night, which was baked eggplant with mozzerella and fresh basil-not particularly Austrian this time, but very good all the same! Others worked on a delicious pumpkin-creme soup (they love pumpkin over here), fried fish for the carnivores, potato patties with almonds, salad, and berry pie for a second (my fourth) dessert. Needless to say, we were all extremely stuffed after this delicious meal, yet I still managed to put some Indian food away with my friend Stephanie afterwards! Throughout the day and over curry, we hatched a scheme to go to Graz for the weekend, which I will write about as soon as I can. Some how I made it home without exploding after all the wonderful food of the day.

I would really like to thank everyone for sending all the wonderful cards, facebook messages, and good birthday wishes my way! It was very thoughtful of you, and made this birthday even better. It was followed up the next night by a splendid concert that we went to go see with the History of Music class. A stunning set of Schumann, Luciano Berio, and Schubert-the Salzburg Orchestra is very good! Thank you once again, and more stories will come soon...

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